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Russian Visa Application Process

If perhaps you’re a holder of a regular passport and wanting to obtain a short-term Russian visa like a traveller, Private, Pupil, Business, Humanitarian, Work or Transit, you have to use at the Russian Visa Application Centre, not at the Consulate. This doesn’t apply to those keeping diplomatic and assistance passports.

The very first thing to perform is to check the demands for your visa sort. You are able to get it done over the site of the Visa Centre. In case you are living in the UK, for instance, you have to visit

When all of the essential papers are collected, you are able to complete the visa application type. You should remember that the type can just be finished online, handwritten types aren’t accepted. We highly suggest you imitate as well as save the log of yours and password specifics when you’ll be performing the type in case you wish to amend several details later on.

The objective section, inviting organisation and also travel dates information on the application form should be finished in accordance with the specifics on the invitation of yours or maybe tourist voucher. For instance, you might be travelling to the Russian Federation for five days but your invite may be issued for, say thirty days, therefore you have to enter the dates of your exit and entry as they show up in your invite.

When it involves the question about the countries you’ve visited in the last 10 years, you are able to point out the countries which stamped the passport of yours on arrival/departure. Additionally, you are able to point out just your last trip to a country in which you travelled a couple of times, you don’t need to list all years if you visited the same state unless it’s Russian Federation.

In the prior training and work areas, you don’t need to enter the actual address, a town (city) as well as nation will be adequate. When you don’t recall the telephone numbers of the organisations, you are able to place “00000000000”. Just in case you haven’t studied or even worked anywhere, you are going to have to offer an extra letter confirming that. The sales letter has to be addressed to the Russian Embassy and may be composed in free format.

After finishing the type you have to print it out there, place the day and sign it. You are able to typically use sometimes in person, by post or perhaps through an agency but in case you’re going to the Russian federation to do the job, you have to implement in individual at the Visa Centre possibly in Edinburgh or London.

When your ESTA Application is approved, you’ll be offered a receipt which should be saved in order to collect the passport of yours whenever the visa is prepared. You are able to track the application of yours online with the Receipt Number and the date of your birth. The info on the tracking are available on the above-mentioned site or perhaps obtained at the kitchen counter in the Visa Centre.

When you get the passport of yours, check out the visa straight away: the dates as well as the spelling of the title of yours. If food is incorrect, the Visa Centre is going to take your passport back and fix the mistake of theirs.